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NOT Sexually Satisfied? How Do You Tell Your Partner?

Nigeria is the most sexually satisfied country in the world - according to a Durex survey... so we wanted to find out - what makes us so good? How can you tell your partner that they are not satisfying you... with some hilarious results.

 "I would be blunt about it and just tell the guy - guy you are digging me enough!" "Darling you are not satisfying me - I think we should go another round and another round."

 "You are really dulling me," laughs one girl with embarrassment.

 According to the Durex report Nigerians spend at least 24 minutes during sexual intercourse. But amazingly some people could not teach their partners what to do: "No, I can't tell him," says one woman.

 "He would definitely think I'm getting it from someone else."

 "He should read about it!" So, gist us, how would you tell your Nigerian partner that YOU are not sexually satisfied?

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